Guangdong Peizheng College, China

1994 - 2018

Mui Ho's relationship with Peizheng College initially began with pro bono work, as during the early stages of building this college the school had limited funds. Prior to working with the school, Peizheng College had no experience working with architects as buildings in China up to that point were quite rigidly planned by the Central Architectural Bureau in Beijing. To meet the needs of a quickly developing Chinese society in the 1990s, Mui Ho worked with the school to upgrade the dormitories, classrooms, and other specialty buildings. More importantly, she helped the school to design and plan for a more useful and memorable campus. Over the course of the following 25 years, she designed many different types of buildings for the school, including an auditorium, a student activity center, a student village, and a central clinic. In addition to these projects, she also pushed for the school to invest more heavily in greenery and vegetation for the campus. Realizing the importance that greenery has in creating a positive campus environment, Mui Ho was heavily involved in the process of adding more local vegetation to campus, from visiting plants nurseries to selecting native plants to embellish the campus. In designing a campus with more green space, Mui Ho encouraged Peizheng College to keep with the local flora and to maximize opportunities for creating shade, to provide ample cooler areas in the summer months. Today, Peizheng College is notable across China for its vegetation and greenery.

Individual Buildings